Kristin + Jered | Midland Tent Wedding


As a photographer and as someone who works in the wedding industry, it's easy to get caught up in the details. The gorgeous florals, the diamond rings, the over-the-top invitation suites that take your breath away. All of those things make weddings unique and beautiful, but it's important to remember what really matters on a wedding day, and that's the two people coming together to join in matrimony. All of that being said, the details don't hurt. And this wedding in particular was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever shot (thanks Heather Rowland for letting my tag along!). But what made it beautiful, besides the breathtaking reception and luxurious details, was the people. This couple had overcome adversity like none other and were so in love, and I remember walking away thinking wow. I wanted to go home and hug my husband because I was so overwhelmed with emotion. This wedding, though not my clients, gave me an appreciation for what really matters in weddings, what matters in life, and lit a fire in me that still rings true today when capturing people's most cherished memories. Take a look at some of the highlights from that beautiful day!


Keegan | Fort Worth Bridal Session


Keegan was truly the definition of a classic Southern beauty and capturing her natural beauty was so much fun (and so easy). With a little mix of film and gorgeous light, the results truly reflected her beauty on the outside, but let me tell you her beauty on the inside was just as evident. 


Entertaining with Rui | Camille Styles Blog


This girl can do it all. She's honestly one of the kindest people I've met (thanks Instagram!) and she is for sure one of the best dinner party hostesses in Austin. I had the pleasure of shooting this fun dinner party with Rui and her friends that involved her precious pups, fresh produce from her garden, a tutorial for her amazing appetizers, and of course the party itself. And did I mention she's also an impressive barista? Check out the link below for the official post on Camille Style's blog and feel free to peruse here for some yummy food and yummy images!


Molly + Matt | Destination Wedding in Carmel, California


This destination wedding was by far my favorite wedding that I have shot. And not just because of the perfect California light, beautiful views, or gorgeous details. This wedding was so special and fun and full of fun-loving people just like this couple. This was not my wedding as I was merely the second shooter for Heather Rowland, and we truly had the best time not only exploring the oasis that is Carmel, but also getting to spend the weekend with some truly special, kind, and gracious people. The wedding party was so fun and every guest that attended truly loved Matt and Molly which made for a special atmosphere with all of their closest friends and family. I truly can't wait to get back here and hopefully shoot again! Thank you Heather for letting me tag along, and to Matt and Molly, thank you for truly giving us an inspiring love story and bringing us along for the ride. 


Hooton Family


This family holds a special place in my heart as they are my family! This shoot could not have fallen on a more perfect day in Dallas, Texas with the sun shining and all of the flowers blooming. Would you believe me if I told you this took place in October?! Texas is funny sometimes. Abby's maternity shoot turned into a family shoot, and I am so glad. Let the pictures speak for themselves, of just how sweet this family is.